October 29, 2015

October 27, 2014

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John Calipari Story on T-Mac

February 2, 2015

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Great Players

October 27, 2014



Although this list is a little long, I suggest reading through all of them. A lot of very good charactertistcs of great players. If you do not want to be GREAT Player, then I advise stop reading.

Great Players -

- Are the hardest working

- Crave Improvement

- Are NEVER satisfied

- DON’T have an EGO. They know they are no bigger than 1 person/teammate

- Refuse to be outworked

- Are the most competitive

- Only care about winning

- Truly love the game of basketball

- Are Coachable and Respectful

- Are Great Teammates

- Workout EVERY SINGLE DAY, just not when they “feel like it”

- Eat Right and Healthy

- Get the proper amount of sleep

- Play hard on BOTH ENDS of the floor

- Truly care about improving and getting better as well as winning

- Sprint the floor as fast as possible on fast breaks AND defensive transition.

- Are defensive stoppers – they stop their man as well as help teammates. They do the things offensive players HATE!

- Contest all shots. They don’t go for ball fakes or shot fakes. They deflect passes, bump cutters, and take charges.

- DO NOT gamble on offensive or defensive. They aim to make the RIGHT play; not the HIGHLIGHT play.  - Play under control and play at different speeds and pace. They know that playing slow can actually be VERY effective.

- Practice just as hard as they play in games. They don’t have an ‘on and off switch’ – they are ALWAYS on!

- They are supportive, high energy, and make their enthusiasm contagious.

- Take advantage of every opportunity to get better. Every workout, every practice, and every game is a chance to improve!

- Are mentally and physically tough. They are comfortable being uncomfortable.

- Love and respect the game of basketball. They don’t play for money or fame; they play for love.

- Are unselfish passers. They hit open teammates. They know the goal is to get THE best shot; not THEIR best shot.

- Are students of the game. They watch film. They study opponents. They study themselves.

- Value every possession.  They aren’t careless with ball.  They make smart passes and take high percentage shots.

- Always know the time and score. They know how many time-outs they have as well as who is in foul trouble on both teams.

- Are assertive with the ball, welcome contact when driving to the cup, and get to the free throw line.

 - Immediately think ‘Next Play.’  They don’t dwell on mistakes (missed shot or TO)… they make up for it on the other end.

- Make plays, not excuses. They don’t care if the refs stink, if the floor is slippery, or if they have a cold. They get it done.

- DO NOT put stupid stuff on twitter, they know the importance of their reputation

- Are the first ones in the gym… and the last ones to leave EVERY day.

- Elevate their teammates to become great players too!

- Are well rounded and have a complete game.  They can ‘hurt’ you in a variety of ways.

- Are top notch communicators.  They talk with a presence on both ends of the floor.

- Want the ball in their hands when the game is on the line because they know they have put in the work to DESERVE success.

- Train with a purpose. Their workouts are focused, intense, and progressive.  Nothing they do on the court is casual.

- Hold themselves, their teammates, and their coaches accountable. They believe in collective responsibility.

- Play in straight lines and sharp angles. They make hard basket cuts and set solid screens.

- Know that no detail is too small and that the smallest of details can make them even better.

- Have high values. They value their teammates, winning, and self-improvement.

- Are never content and never complacent.


You know my favorite part about this list? Nearly every trait on this list is 100% controllable! They are characteristics you can have if you choose to. It doesn’t say, great players are 6’8”’ or great player can jump out of the gym – it lists things that you can make the conscious choice to work on and improve.


Are you a great player? Or average? What are you going to do, to make sure you become a great player?

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