Train To Perform Elite Skills Guide

Unable to get in the gym with us!? This drill book covers over 75 of our best drills. The complete guide. This is a MUST for all players! Surrounding are drills inside the Guide.

Train To Perform Testimonials

                                                    “Isaac has helped to improve my game by putting me through a variety of unique and challenging workouts every                                                          time. He always explains the purpose behind the drill, what to focus on during the drill, and how the drill will translate                                                    on the court during a game. He continues to provide new and more challenging move progressions that have helped                                                      me to expand my game. One area that Isaac has greatly helped me with is my ball handling. I have already noticed the                                                    difference in my ability to handle the ball because of his excellent variety of ball handling drills that challenge me and                                                      have greatly improved my skill level in a fairly short amount of time. By doing his drills in his workouts and then                                                                practicing them on my own, I have been able to see a noticeable difference in my handles, which is an area that I told                                                      him I wanted to concentrate on because I will need to handle the ball a lot this season. Another thing that Isaac has        greatly helped me with is my step back jumper. Isaac watched me play, understood my situation and knew that I would be seeing double teams and that I would have to be able to create space to get my shot off. From there he taught me a very good progression of moves involving a step back that has become one of my go to moves, and will be a big factor this season. These are just a few of the things Isaac has helped me improve upon, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to train with him. Overall, his variety of drills and workouts have expanded not only my workout regimen, but also my game, and have greatly improved my overall game.”

Ryan Welage, Greensburg High School, 2 Time State Champion, 2015 Top 100 Player in Nation, Former Xavier University Player

                                                          Isaac Loechle has helped me in so many ways to be where I am today.  It started my sophomore year of high                                                                      school when he decided to take a chance on me and two of my high school teammates.  He wanted us to join his                                                              AAU team, at the time nobody wanted any of us to play for them but he saw something in us.  He formed the AAU                                                            team the Indiana Legends which I played the remainder of my AAU with.  Coach Loechle was a great coach, not                                                                only was he a great coach on the floor, he was a great coach off the floor as well.  I’ve never in all my years of                                                                    being around basketball, saw a coach that cared about his players the way he did.  It was his job to get us to the                                                                next level.  During practice it was all business, there’s no messing around when it’s time to be serious but after                                                                  practice it was all full of laughs and goofing around.  We went onto have two very successful years of AAU.                                                                          Multiple championships, multiple wins, and great memories.  For me personally what Coach Loechle has done for                                                            me I could never thank him enough. He was always on me making sure I was always in the gym.  We’d get in                                                                      before practice and workout, we’d get in after practice and workout.  My sophomore season of high school I                                                                      averaged six points a game, my junior season I averaged 19, and my senior season I averaged 25.  These were                                                                  against the toughest teams in the state of Indiana.  After my sophomore season me and coach got after it in the                                                                gym he helped me with game like moves that are still helping me in the college level today.  He helped me develop unreal confidence and get that killer instinct when I play.  We probably worked out 3-4 times a week going into my junior season of high school.  He was at all the games he could make, supporting me and my other two teammates from our AAU team. You could tell how much his players really meant to him.  That summer AAU going into my senior year we were incredible we were 44-11 and won multiple championships.  Coach and I were still in the gym every chance we could get.  He had something new for me every day.  He made my basketball IQ go up a lot by just talking to me about situations that happen and when they come up today in college I know exactly what to do.  He would be on the phone with every college coach in America talking about me, his effort was persistent and I couldn’t thank him enough for not giving up.  No one wanted to give me a chance for whatever reason, of course there were some NAIA and D2 schools that offered me but he knew I was way too good for that.  He would be on the phone contacting these coaches until 2am sometimes, if that doesn’t tell you his effort then I don’t know what does.  Finally, around April 2016 Campbell University said they were seriously recruiting me to Coach Loechle.  They flew in and watched me practice and had dinner with Coach Loechle.  I’m not sure what he said but within the next two days they offered me.  I now attend Campbell University, it’s a Division 1 school that’s located in North Carolina in the Big South Conference.  As of right now, I am second in the conference in scoring, 1st in field goal percentage, 1st in 3-point percentage, first in 3pts made, and 20th in the nation in 3 pts made.  What Isaac has done is unexplainable, I will never be able to say thank you enough for what he did.  He is a great person who wants nothing but the best for his players. 

- Marcus Burk, Franklin Central High School, Current IUPUI Basketball Player

                                        "I have been training with Isaac since the 7th grade. From the start he has pushed me consistently in training and in life to                                               have a killer mentality. His training and coaching have made a huge impact on my game and I can say with complete                                                       confidence that I wouldn't be where I am today without Isaac Loechle. And that's the truth."

                                          -Ben Kinker, Oldenburg Academy, Current Army Basketball Player 


"He's a great trainer. I asked around about him before we decided to give him a try and I heard nothing but POSITIVE from around the community. He is very well-known and liked. Johnny's game has definitely improved under Loechle's tutelage. He is a lot better at ball handling, shooting, and defense. Isaac's a tough trainer, but it pays off. Anybody who wants their child to improve at basketball should give him a call. Besides his work ethic, knowledge of the game, and skill at teaching it, he is so sincere and really cares about the kids and helping them improve."

- Peggy Brown, Parent of a player Isaac trains


"I've had the great fortune of training Isaac as well as training along side of him. His work ethic is second to none and he brings that same work ethic and energy to his training! Isaac is one of the best and up coming coaches and trainers."-

DeSean Johnson, Train To Perform Elite Skills Trainer, Trainer Indianapolis Area


"I was able to coach Isaac for only one year, but within that one year I learned that Isaac is a person who sets his goals high, and does not stop until he gets there. He gives an "All In Effort" in everything that he does, on and off the basketball court. His IQ of the game of basketball makes him enjoyable to be around because he knows what is going on and what will happen next. At a young age, he sees the big picture that many do not; He sees Life and the Game of basketball are bigger than just himself, but basketball can be a tool to better a situation."

- Joe Scheuers, Earlham College Head Coach


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