What We Offer

Train To Perform is a basketball skills training service dedicated to pushing players to level they did not know existed. ON and OFF the court! We provide players with all game like drills (NO FLUFF), ball handling, offensive move breakdowns, secrets to scoring the basketball, shooting drills, game tips, and our knowledge on what it takes to be the best player possible. We also provide core strength, agility, and basketball strengthening workouts. All of our workouts are designed to push players to maximize/reach their full potential.


We train players of All Ages. Boys and Girls.


-Individual Training - 1hr $65 per session

-Small Group Training (2-10 players) - 1hr $30 per session

-Team Workout (11+players) - $15 per kid for 1hr - 1hr 30 min session

-Host Train To Perform Clinics

-High School Skills Clinics

-NBA Pre-Draft Training Program

-Professional Off Season Workouts